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Sagawa is a boutique coffee roaster located in Central NSW of Australia.

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We stock wholesale roasted coffee beans.  This is a no bull shit operation.  However we have been known to sell coffee to cattle farmers.

Our Product Range

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At SAGAWA we recognise that the majority of homes aren’t equipped with high-powered espresso machines and so we roast our beans with other brewing techniques in mind. The stove top – or machinetta – method is preferred by most Italian home brewers, the French Press – or cafetière – system favoured by many others. We have a particular penchant for the traditional filter drip system (especially the individual cup technique). Whatever your chosen brewing method, the grind is of prime importance – simply choose the appropriate method in the scroll down menu.


Doctors Orders

A mild, nutty, medium roasted arabica. Clean flavours of nuts and the slight sweetness of caramel.

A delicious All Indian blend for those who favour a milk coffee, unctuous when served black. Low acidity and little aftertaste.



A savvy blend of beans from India, Ethiopia and Brazil designed for strength in milk coffee. A delicate mix of nuts and molasses, offset with a touch of acidity. Provides an untamed strength as an espresso.

Monsoon Malabar

From the Malabar coast of India. Harvested beans are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for up to four months, a unique natural process that creates an equally unique and amazing flavour.

The beans are gently roasted and then rested for 3-4 weeks for the flavours to develop.

Monsoon malabar is a hard bean to roast, air roasting brings out the sweetness and an outstanding nutty aroma. It is a particularly friendly bean to all baristas and loves a very fine grind.